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Buying POS Software

In general Business owners should consider the following:

  • POS software will increase revenues and decrease cost. Is the POS software cost effective? Do you make/save more money than you spend on the software?
  • Training your store staff and setting up the software, inventory items, associates and other items can be as costly (in time or money) as the software.
  • Most software is installed on a single terminal basis (one computer) per purchase. Users will buy and set up additional components. Users must also network the software. Consider the full cost of setting up all of the machines and features that you need.
  • Many POS software purchases do not include software support, a critical component to efficiently using and installing your software.
  • Most POS software does not include an integrated web store and payment gateway. Consider the additional cost of maintaining your web store
  • POS software has a large price range, the price range for a typical store for a complete set up can be a few thousand to $20,000.
  • It is recommended to create a list of your requirements.
  • Can you easily access the software when you are away from the store?

Below is a list of items included in Utopa's POS business software

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Utopa is priced on a single business location. The price ranges from free to $110.00 per month per business location; additional information is available on the pricing page. Please use the following chart for comparing Utopa to other POS software companies.

Utopa Features:

Free Set upCheck
5 terminals or simultaneous usersCheck
PC and Mac compatibleCheck
Point of sale interface, cash register and call centerCheck
Separate managers interfaceCheck
Customer profile creation and trackingCheck
Order managementCheck
Inventory managementCheck
Bulk editing for inventoryCheck
Time and attendanceCheck
5 hours of support includedCheck
Free upgradesCheck
Fraud prevention toolsCheck
Over 25 instant reportsCheck
Credit card settlement trackingCheck
Batch trackingCheck
Customizable register receiptsCheck
Customizable Invoices and Packing receiptsCheck
Customizable email receiptsCheck
Delayed Credit card settlementCheck
Dynamic shipping ratesCheck
Customizable shipping methodsCheck
Pick upCheck
Web storeCheck
Web store StatsCheck
Google analytics integrationCheck
Return TrackingCheck
Stock AlertsCheck
Customizable user security settingsCheck
Order management CheckpointsCheck
Cross sellingCheck
Card verification through address and zip match, as well as CV2 at the point of saleCheck
Ability to put transaction on holdCheck
And more