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Increase Revenues

How does Utopa POS increase revenues and profits?

  • Identify and properly price and order your best selling items
  • Retain customer data for marketing purposes
  • Track which associate makes the most sales
  • Track the sales flow of your location in order to adjust your staffing needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction with better service
  • Eliminate unpopular inventory
  • Track inventory levels for restocking
  • Provide a continuous web store presence maintained by Utopa

Let's use the following example for a store with revenues of about $200,000:

Benefit from Utopa Software Benefit in dollars
Identify and properly price items $2,000/ year increase in revenues
Conduct mail or internet marketing with new product, sales information or coupons to your existing customers by collecting their contact information $3,000/ year increase in revenues
Reduce sell outs $500/ year increase in revenues
Provide a strong web presence for sales and information. Make sure your customers can locate you on the web with your own information. (More than 50% of customers research a store on the web before visiting) $500/ year increase in revenues
Increase customer satisfaction and return visits $1,000 per year increase in revenues
Totals $7,000.00 per year increase in Revenues.

In the above example the store has total additional revenues of $7,000 or 3.5%.