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Pricing for Utopa is based on a single business location and includes simultaneous access for up to five users. Utopa can be paid from your merchant account fees or you can pay Utopa directly.

Utopa offers 2 types of pricing:

Business Using Utopa merchant account Business Using alternative merchant account
No Contract
Additional 0-$50.00 software fee per month depending on processing volume:
No Contract $130 / Month
If the business clears its merchant account through Utopa The cost of the monthly fee will be offset by your merchant fees. Use the following schedule below to estimate your costs. If the business would like to clear to a different merchant account the fee is $130 per location per month. There is also an additional fee of 8 cents per transaction for each transaction over the first 200.

Processing through utopa saves the business money. Here are our rate schedules:

Utopa fees:

Processing amount monthly Additional percent over Interchange Monthly software fee
0-10,000 interchange + 0.6% $ 50
10,000-20,000 interchange + 0.53% $ 30
20,000-30,000 interchange + 0.43% $ 10
30,000-40,000 interchange + 0.33% 0
40,000-50,000 interchange + 0.30% 0
50,000-100,000 nterchange + 0.28% 0
Authorization fees per transaction
0-100 24 cents
100-200 20 cents
200-300 17 cents
300-500 13 cents
500-800 12 cents
800-1000 10 cents
over 1000 negotiable
static charges
statement fee $5.00
settlement fee .03/ item
annual fee 20
Visa and Master card assessments preset at around .11%

The best deal for the store is usually to clear the merchant account through Utopa:

  • The store is already paying merchant fees
  • The rate provided by Utopa is typically less than what the business is currently paying, including adding Utopa

New accounts are credited 5 hours of customer support. After the first 5 hours, support is billed hourly at a rate of $15.00 per hour or 25 cents per minute.


Are there any fees to open my account?


How many active terminals or simultaneous users can my business use for the above pricing?


Are there any contracts?

No. You may discontinue your Utopa account at any time there are no contracts. Although you need to sign documents to clear your merchant account through Utopa, you may also discontinue this at any time subject to any fees.

Can Utopa set up my web store?


Can Utopa set up my inventory?


Does utopa offer training?


Can I set up a test account to evaluate the software?


How do I evaluate which pricing model is the best for my business?

In order to evaluate the pricing compare the business's current merchant fees to Utopa's fee schedule. Utopa can help you review your statement to see which plan is more economical.

Merchant account pricing can be difficult to evaluate. The base fee for accepting credit cards is interchange rate. This is the rate that all merchants (even the biggest ones) pay to the credit card associations and card issuer banks. This fee is deducted from your transactional payments, collected by your merchant bank and forwarded on. It is variable by card type.

An additional percentage and charge is also collected by your merchant bank and merchant bank representative. This is the fee charged for setting up and assisting with your merchant account. This fee is in addition to interchange rate and can be referred to as your ISO charges or merchant banking fees. The fee is negotiable and varies widely. Usually this fee ranges between $100 and 250 per month for businesses doing less than $500,000 per year

What is the rate that utopa charges for credit card clearing?

Utopa uses the above fixed schedule

Can Utopa offer interchange plus pricing?


Can I customize my own pricing?


How do I evaluate my current rate?

Utopa Personnel are available to assist with figuring out exactly how much you pay currently.

Does utopa offer interchange + pricing for American Express?

No, American Express rates are set by American Express.

How does utopa charge for customer support?

Utopa credits new accounts with 5 hours of support time. There after support is purchased in two hour increments and billed by the minute at $15.00/ hour with no time minimum.

How do I open my account?

Contact your Utopa sales rep or call or email the company.

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